About Us

When Stephen founded Plyo Bookkeeping he wanted it to reflect the values he believes in. As a result, Plyo Bookkeeping always strives to be professional without being corporate. That means straight talking, jargon free language. It also means taking the time to talk with clients, understand their business, and explain financial information thoroughly. Every business owner has a dream, and we’re here to help enable that by taking away time consuming and complex tasks, allowing you to focus on the business areas that really matter.

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PlyoBookkeeping-About Us

Stephen’s strong operations background, along with his additional programming and Excel skills put him in a unique position to be able to help automate and streamline information flows before they hit the accounting system. His experience as an Operations Director for several companies makes him a great sounding board for small business owners on issues such as staffing, ERP system decisions, forecasting, and strategic planning.  

Our Mission

We want to help small business owners by giving them peace of mind, knowing that their Payroll, books, and finances are looked after by a highly qualified and reliable individual.

We’re also on a mission for our staff. We want anyone who works for Plyo to have a fair wage, a great work-life balance, and the freedom to be themselves in the workplace.

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